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Monday, August 07, 2006

Search Engine Strategies Day 1

So it seems like everyone in the search world has landed in San Jose for the 2006 Search Engine Strategies conference. Search stud Jim Boyken has the first pictures posted at his blog here

Our favorite? The man, the legend, the Google search god himself - Matt Cutts greeting eager fans. Now entering territory once reserved for 19 year old girls and lonely housewives, Matt recently added video star to the resume.

We totally understand the excitement. Our minds started to race a few weeks ago when the Matt cartoon doll started circulating. We're not sure abot the undies, but the thought of a shirtless Matt toiling away over servers whirring and humming in the background, processing billions of queries, was enough to send our minds racing.
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We love seeing Matt on webcam, but we love being able to dress him up even more.

There were also some girls from Bodog moving in on Jim Boykin (L), Dave Zuls (R) and Some Guy (back). Hey girls, not too close! SEO Fangirl is the shy type, but she's been known to be agressive in getting competition out of the way (in the SERPs anyway).

Do you have pics of any search studs from SES San Jose? Send them to

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