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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mad About Danny Sullivan

SES San Jose 2006 officially draws to a close today. No more longing looks at the men of SEO as they wax poetic about linking strategies, Web 2.0 applications, and ever changing algorithms. I'm a little sad, but when the door to one conference closes, another one opens - in a few months anyway.

After nervously admiring the departing search hunks, my mind came back to the conference. That of course got me thinking about Danny Sullivan. Danny is the brains and hotness behind the programming of SES, as explained in USA Today. I've been a long time fan of this international man of mystery. Based out of the UK, Danny jet sets with the best of 'em. Conferences in the US, Europe and Asia keep his passport active as he travels the world evangelising the miracle of search. Most of the time, he does this in style. Check out my Danny montage below.

Dapper Danny gets my heart fluttering, and fireside SEO is sooo romantic. Video fire, wine, Danny, Sergey... Makes me want to slip into something more comfortable. Then there's Uncensored SEO Danny who appeals to my carnal instincts. This picture looks like he just finished getting down and dirty with a black hatter and came out on top. Sexy!

Danny's one of the few guys with the confidence to pull off a violet and leopard print hat, but I don't think he really took it to its full potential. I picture that hat with an ensemble like this:

or something equally stylish from the international male catalog.

But then we get to the headshot Danny uses when promoting the SES conferences. Danny, I love you to death and am your number one fan. Seriously, if Rand doesn't accept my proposal, I'm dedicating my entire Sexy SEO men scrapbook to you. However, your headshot doesn't do your hotness justice.

As a devoted fan, I'm asking that you use the "Dapper Danny" picture or the "SEO stud" shot. If there was a video that accompanied the Uncensored SEO shot, I'd like a copy for my private collection. Sure, most people registering for the conference don't give your headshot a second look. For those of us who print out 8x10 glossies to keep next to our nightstands though, you're often the last image we see before dreaming of top 10 results on competitive, singular keywords (what would it be like to rank for "laptop" or even "seo" I don't think I'll ever know but a girl can dream).

Danny, I feel like Ask- thought of occasionally, but not given any real attention. Your picture is optimized for the viewer looking for a general idea of who's running the show, a face to place with the name. But what about those like me, who turn to you for sexy pictorials, flirty smiles at the camera as if to say "I know search strategies that you don't"? That's the Danny I know and lust after.

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