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Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm baaack!

Thanks to my fellow fangirls who've been writing in to campaign for their favorite SEOs. September is almost upon us and the votes have been tallied. Who will take top honors? Who will have to put on a fake smile and give forced applause as they're named first runner up?

On September 1 the name will be read.

I'd like to have one big awards ceremony each year, so that I can see all of the SEO hunks dressed up in fancy suits and dress sneakers a la Messrs Page and Brin
I'd get to wear a fabulous gown, lots of rhinestones and probably some glitter.

Danny, are you listening? That's what SES is missing! A lavish awards ceremony with an open bar, a chicken dinner, rhinestones and glitter. Email me, I know the perfect hostess. ;-)

So where has your favorite fangirl been? Did they catch her outside the Googleplex? Did Rebecca from SEOmoz knock me out of the picture for getting too close to Matt Cutts? Was I simply too busy trying to claw my way up to number one for "men of seo"?

Actually, I'm just moving. As someone who's only a few pixels tall, you'd think that wouldn't be difficult. But I've got tons of little virtual shoes sitting around on my hard drive, lots of drag and drop clothes and 256 colors of makeup to get organized. Not to mention a sexy SEO boy of the month to choose!

I know my priorities though. Coming Wednesday: a studly SEO hottie on the rise. He's not a webwide name - yet - but he's creating quite a stir in his niche and I've got a shirtless pic! (Thanks to my inside source) I've got the scoop on future experiences, so maybe I can get some lurid shots of him wearing a cloak and black hat.

And of course
Friday, Friday, Friday: The Sexy SEO Boy of the Month for September is announced. Exclusive quotes, secrets from his friends and more!



Blogger Rebecca said...

Get your own Googler!

10:32 AM  
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