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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Conference, the Dinner, the After Party

Back to the reason you really check out this blog - Sexy SEOs! Without further delay, the wrap-up of my coverage of the SES Chicago social events.

She didn't hatbait me when I first met her, but Li Evans introduced me to search stud Rob Kerry, better known as Evil Green Monkey. He is wearing green, but didn't seem evil or monkeylike. Though he is from England, where 87.4% of SEOs are blackhats*, so maybe that's where the evil monkeying around comes in.

*Source: A friend of a friend, who once overheard a joke about most blackhat SEOs residing in the UK

Also at the conference, I got to meet Matt McGee who reminds businesses that it's not the size of your search campaign, but what you do with it.

The conference started to wind down, and stomachs started talking which meant dinner! The transmitter chip I slipped into Rand's pocket kicked in and extended an invite to join Todd Malicoat and approximately 19 other well ranked hotties for steak and pasta at Gene & Georgetti's. Cutie Cameron Olthuis (pictured above) and the eye candy around the table kept me distracted for a bit, but between snapping photos I managed to finish off about half of the spaghetti I ordered. Even though I was in Chicago, apparently my appetite was still in France.

The other half of the PronetAdvertising SEO (hey Neil, if you could get a link from SEO Fangirl... ;-)) dynamic duo, Neil Patel. He's pictured next to Rebecca's hair.

At the head of the table was master marketing pilgrim, Andy Beal. Now Andy's recognized for his ability to help grow search marketing companies, and insights on search marketing, but I think he's far underappreciated for his accent. In what has to be the coolest mashup ever, Andy's accent is about 40% English and 60% North Carolinan.

Also seated next to me were Jarrod Hunt and Troy Ireland of Text Link Brokers. I can't remember the name of the guy in the middle (sorry, I'm bad with names) but next dinner I promise to stop drooling over the optimizers long enough to get cards and learn all their names. In the middle is Scott Orth from Selytics (thanks David), who actually did give me a card, and will now be getting lots lof fan notes from me. Jarrod and Troy treated everyone to dinner.

Smoking hot search guys treating me to dinner? I must be dreaming. Further convincing me that this was all a dream....

I started seeing double. What's better than one Rand? Two Rands. Now everyone - myself included - thinks Rand is some kind of blogging, linkbaiting, text tweaking , stylish search genius. And he might be, but not without help. To the untrained observer, the guy in red looks like your average bearded babe, but THEN

we highlight the photo and it's Rand's doppelganger! When Andy told Rand that he should work to expand the SEOmoz brand past a single person's reputation, Rand decided cloning was the way to go. This clone, who I'm going to call Sand Gishkin, discreetly observed the happenings at the table the entire time. In a Men of SEO exclusive, you now know how Rand is really able to get so much done, and still maintain his rock star style. BTW Rand, some ladies I love would like to know if Sand has a Mystery Guest.

After dinner, it was time to party!

In the cab over to the TrueLocal party I rode with Ben Wills, rising social media superstar and winner of Andy's search marketing scholarship, Andy B., Todd and Neil Patel. In the cab, someone said something about SEO Fangirl. Being the only girl in the cab, I think most people figured out my alternate identity. But not Neil. In a bit of fun that lasted 15 minutes, but could've lasted the entire evening, Neil looked straight at me, and almost believed me when I suggested Fangirl might be Jill or Lisa (he already guessed Rebecca). No biggie, I bet Neil is the search stud least likely to ever reveal a movie or TV show spoiler.

At the True Local party, Todd had the magic name, and 5 guests. Unfortunately, Todd's such an SEO magnet that he showed up with about 10 or 11 people from dinner. Due to the popularity of the party, the doorman actually reduced that to 3, and told Todd to choose his top 2, and 1 onebox guest. Not wanting to make that choice and forever hear "I thought I was your number one" from rejected guests, he went with 7 or 8 search hotties (and me) down the street to another blues bar.

Cameron told me I'm famous now (woo hoo!), Neil told Cameron "I know who SEO Fangirl is!"

Jarrod points me out to Neil and says "it's her!"

To which Neil replied "CShel?" Just funnin' with ya Neil.

Unfazed by the lights reflecting from his dance partner's shiny top, it only took one beer before Jarrod turned into a dancing machine.

After a few songs from Chicago Music Award nominee Joanna Connor, we headed back to the True Local party to catch up with the search party.

Marie from Bruce Clay UK moves in on search studs Joe Morin and Troy Ireland.

After a few more songs, and for some a few more rounds, most people headed back to catch up on sleep and prepare for the next day of the conference.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In a bit of fun that lasted 15 minutes, but could've lasted the entire evening, Neil looked straight at me, and almost believed me when I suggested Fangirl might be Jill or Lisa (he already guessed Rebecca)."

Neil may be the most gullible SEO in town.

After about 15 people told him "It's Stephen Col-BARE not Col-BURT!", I convinced him they were lying and trying to make him look stupid, so for the second conference in a row he went through his entire presentation saying "Stephen ColBURT" again.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous David Wallace said...

The guy in the middle between Jarrod Hunt and Troy Ireland is Scott Orth from Selytics.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Neil Patel said...

Thanks for the link love. I know who you are now. LOL

I am so slow

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Andy Beal said...

I thought Neil would never figure it out.

BTW, could you have taken a less flattering photo - I look like a dork-fish (Blue collar comedy joke). ;-)

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Matt McGee said...

***Also at the conference, I got to meet Matt McGee who reminds businesses that it's not the size of your search campaign, but what you do with it.***

LOL! I may have to use that next time I'm speaking. Brilliant, Fangirl ... brilliant. :-)

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Jarrod Hunt said...


You caught me doing my impersonation of "a whiteboy dancing".

It was one of my best performances yet. LOL

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Scott Orth said...

I'll try not to take it personally that you didn't know who I was. ;)

I guess I'll have to be nicer to you next time!

2:24 PM  
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