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Friday, December 01, 2006

Sexy SEO Boy of December

It's a Men of SEO first. For December's Sexy SEO Boy of the Month I couldn't narrow things down to just one.

So, I present to you the Sexy SEO Boys of the Month: the Black Hatters.

Since most Blackhat Babes keep a very low profile, I had to turn to a celebrity montage. No doubt, these stylish guys were inspired by the bad boys of SEO, and they're pretty hot so I figure it balances out.

Aside from the influence on celebrity style, why am I drooling over guys from the dark side? Though the techniques aren't intended for the long term, black hatters (well, the good ones) are on top of search engine twists and turns quicker than you can say exploit. Not only are they aware of the approved way to work the top 10, in usually a matter of days they're cranking out automated programs to take advantage of any loopholes.

If these guys can figure out how to take over a new technique for making it to the top that quickly and on a consistent basis, you've got to wonder about the other techniques they can come up with.

In no particular order, my favorite Sexy Boys in Black Hats

Aaron Wall
While his SEO Book actually teaches good clean White Hat strategy, he does maintain the funny and informative site. Plus, he was the one of the few guys I could find with enough pictures to start a decent scrapbook for. I'll be seeing more of him on my board of babes.

Dave Naylor
Admittedly, Dave has other pictures besides this one. But I've got a thing for cute cartoon versions of people, so this is what I'm going with.

Dave regularly spreads the black hat love with detailed posts on redirects, shifty code and other things that you probably shouldn't do, but want to know about anyway. And I'm sure he doesn't need to do any Viagra to keep his rankings up.


While his avatar would lead you to believe that there's a little dental work and waxing in order, Quadszilla has some undeniable black hat sexiness going on (just ask his Brazillian swimsuit model wife).

For those curious about getting some search engine quickies going and opening up the latest loophole, he gives out plenty of blog posts that lots of people Digg. If you're past curious and want the hardcore codes, tips and exploits he'll introduce you to his friends at his paid forum. Aah, sexy, mysterious and friends who are too. How could I resist?

Earl Grey
No avatar, not a trace on Flickr, or any other image search, Earl Grey is by far the most mysterious Sexy SEO I've tried to devote space to. I did find the above picture of a Mango Earl Grey parfait, and being one with a huge sweet tooth that was enough to distract me from the frustration of not finding any images of the man himself. There was also this adorable kitten on Flickr, so I decided I wouldn't let the lack of photos stock my admiration.

Granted it's difficult to properly stalk out admire Earl without the usual hot avatars and pictures, but just by association he's sweet and adorable - and he's got a bad boy side. ::Swoon:: I'll have to keep an eye on this one.

Geoffrey "G-Man" 67

Here's a ban who's black hat and not afraid to show it! I'm a little disappointed that he thinks girls are evil, but he's clearly referring to girls without an appreciation for the smoldering art of site optimization, right?

I'll assume that's the case. Aside from his willingness to bare his quick and dirty techniques, he does it in not one, not two, but three places! Catch him spicing things up on the already insanely sexy SEOmoz blog, more recently at his own blog, and doing it for a private audience in the Syndk8 Forums. Breakin' the (search engine law) and not afraid to flaunt it. Aah, how dangerously tempting.

Beyond trying to get a taste of the eye candy, your favorite Fangirl (or me, in case you have another favorite fangirl) doesn't dabble in the dark arts much. While it would probably give me a bad girl component, I really just find it to be too much work. I mean, there are only so many hours in the day, and some of those need to be dedicated to admiring new search studs. Redirects, mastering redirects, keeping up with algorithm holes would just take away from that. And I know what's important.

So, there they are, my Sexy SEO Boys of December. Expecting someone else? When I have lunch this Wednesday with some of the ladies I love, January's Sexy SEO Boy of the Month will be one of the topics of conversation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gman! (earl grey is easy to track btw :-))

11:14 AM  
Blogger ShopGirl said...

Oh yeah :) Love those dangerous black hats ;)

8:49 AM  
Anonymous BHK said...

If I were you I'd ping Earlgrey for a pic. If only for the record.

But I must admit that if you're at all influenced by BH power and influence, he's definitely one of the top dogs.

On the other hand: if it's mainly good looks you're after, you seem to have missed one ;)

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Krunal said...

I would go n vote for DaveN..
BTW, you gotta good articles to hang around on your website, i will bookmark ya blog


10:49 PM  
Blogger Lunchbox21 said...

Hey Aaron Wall's lookin' a bit like Ben Affleck.

3:03 PM  
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