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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fangirl is expanding

Nope, this isn't a reference to my waistline, though all the good greasy American delights I've been enjoying are helping there.

While at SES, I had a sit-down with a great groups of search ladies. Out of this group, I begged, cried, pleaded, and cajoled an elite few to contribute to the Men of SEO. There were so many search studs to admire in Chicago, and I quickly realized if I didn't get advisors I might miss out on a few. Over the next few days, keep your eyes peeled for fellow fangirls posting about the ranking hotties that give them googlebumps.


Blogger David said...

That is so funny cause I've been asked to contribute over at the Women of SEO. See what you started SEO Fangirl? This has taken on a life of its own. Too many guys to cover, too many girls to cover, they're all so sexy, whatever will we do?

8:39 PM  
Blogger risa said...

SEO Fangirl, Now that Rebecca has outed you, it's a pleasure to meet you. Risa

9:24 PM  
Blogger SEO Fangirl said...

Good to meet you too Risa, though I hope that we'll get a chance to lunch at a future search event (and exchange ideas on Sexy SEOs) :-)

7:03 PM  
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