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Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's Always The Quiet Ones

I guess it's time for me to show my SEO Fan Girl Training! I've been studying feverishly with my "Teach", SEO FanGirl, and I hope that the Hot SEO Guy I'm featuring here is done justice with my meager skills.

There's this really quiet, polite and very respectful SEO guy who doesn't seem to get all the love like Rand (Fishkins or what are they called?) or Matt (Cuttletts) gets, but boy does he deserve it! This guy gives us photo trivia fun, wish lists and more! This SEO hottie makes Ranking in Search Engine his business and does it without all the flocks of fangirls following him (we all just admire him from afar!).

I've also discovered, and I'm sure of this (I'm just waiting for the DNA test results to come back), that his long lost brother is Ron Perlman. I remembering adoring Ron Perlman when he played Vincent in Beauty and the Beast, and then as he moved onto other shows and movies (yes, I think I'm showing my age) from The Magnificant Seven to the new Hellboy Series, Ron's a guy who can make a gal's heart flutter - just like Dave.

Ron Perlman is Dave's long lost brother

Dave Wallace has this wonderful lovely wife Irma (she's one lucky gal!), I wonder if she knows she's got a hubbie who's got a brother in Hollywood? Regardless, Irma and Dave are just the sweetest couple at the SES conferences - watching from afar its so fun to see them together. It's also what makes Dave such a great choice to nominate for SEO Man/Boy of the Month - for any month (please "Teach" can we have Dave??)!

Dave tackles all sorts of issues by making them look easy! I read about what he did with that car place who stiffed him - the SEO super hero, flexed his muscles and WHAM! Just look what happens when you make Dave mad!

Oh wait, that is his brother *hehe*. Either way - don't make Dave mad - Make him an SEO Man of the Month ... please! :)

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Blogger SEO Fangirl said...

He's got the celebrity connection and the search sexiness... can't reveal the first Sexy SEO of 2007, but I think Dave's a great nominee

5:30 AM  
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