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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What We Learned About Our SEO Boys From Blog Tag

I don't know about you but I've had a blast running to every blog tag post written by a male SEO. There was a list in my head of who I hoped was tagged, from the smoldering John Scott to mysterious Nick Wilson to the be-still-my-heart Aaron Wall.

Blog tag is way better than posters on my bedroom wall and fake interviews by handlers about a guy's favorite color and brand of jeans. Like I care what he's wearing! I do care about what I don't know about my favorite guys. Learning about what they love is sweet. Makes me wanna run to the picture of Rand wearing a Santa hat and pinch him.

If you read all the 5 Things You Don't Know About Me posts going around, can you guess who wrote some of these?

"Sometimes, on the rare occasion I am being snowed on (and when I think nobody is watching), I run around trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue."

"In high school and college I was a pretty serious goth. Lots of makeup, all black clothing, the whole 9 yards. I varyingly had extremely long hair (to the lower back, usually) and a completely shaved head."

"Have a crush on Lisa Barone and Rebecca Kelley."

"I used to be on a powerlifting team." Huzzah!

"I was a hippy."

"To this day, I can crack open heads of lettuce in ways that will stun anyone who isn't a fast food professional."

"You can trace my ancestors back to Sir Christopher Wren."

"I played defensive tackle for my high school football team." Another huzzah!

"I was a nuclear reactor operator before doing SEO." Quite a leap there, eh?

"I'm an insufferable romantic."

So am I.

So am I.

Many thanks for the beautiful men of SEO. The more you bare your souls, the more we love you.



Anonymous Rebecca said...

Someone has a crush on me and Lisa?! Ooh!

9:51 AM  
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