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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Watch Out, SEO Boys! I'm Watching You Closer Than Ralphie's Dad at a Leg Lamp!

So you thought that once Fangirl became unmasked at SES Chicago, the game would be over, eh? No more embarrassing blog posts about the hott (yes, so hot you all get two t's) fellas of SEO? Oh, silly boys...

That's right, as Fangirl noted, she's recruited fresh sets of eyes to do some spyin' and bloggin' for her, which means that no conference is safe! No party shall be uncovered! No session unattended! (Well, maybe some, on account of too much partyin'...) Fangirl's almighty power will only grow! GROW!!!

Uh, that being said, have a happy holiday. And remember...I'll be watching...


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