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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lots of Ladies I Love

Finally! All the modifications, client reporting and other stuff that I was hoping to have done Thursday evening/Friday morning is finally done. If I hadn't already added the hearts and stars to pictures, I'd seriously list everyone who manages to blog every day and still work on multiple projects as Sexy SEOs of the Year. But, that title is taken, so on to the goodies.

To get everyone excited about SES London (no word yet from Chris on if my How to Rate Search Sexiness panel is going to happen, but I'm pushing for it!), let's have a look back on my first (annual?) SEO Ladies Who Lunch.

I'm used to working in time zones from Paris (Fun Fangirl Fact: I now sleep 2-3 hours at random times of the day, rather than one long stretch, ensuring that I'm awake during some business hours in Europe, the East Coast and West Coast), but trying to do it from Chicago was not as easy as I thought it would be. After answering emails from Europe, I made my way into Rhapsody where

on either side of the table, as far as the eye could see (okay, maybe the table wasn't that long), there were lots of Ladies I Love!

who actually looked fairly happy to meet me. Since Rebecca didn't go the Madonna route, Marie from Bruce Clay UK brought the cool accent (I'm working on my French accent). Janet was working the Search Mojo, CShel disappointingly did not bring anything related to the sea (though she did bring guests, who didn't make cool sounds when held up to your ear, but were knowledgable and fun) and Dr. Amanda came to offer advice to troubled bloggers and podcasters who aren't having the best relationships with search engines.

Either that, or Jill, who I love for always looking happy about search, spread her ranking good cheer. Just to flatter myself, I'm going to say it was a combination of the two.

Elena Haliczer, who does SEO for an Illinois University (quick, hit her up for a link!) is an up and coming Lady I Love. Not only was she rocking out with me the night before at the Blues extravaganza, but she was also up early enough to get in sharp questions at sessions, and get the spot next to Elisabeth Osmeloski.

Just when I thought everyone was happy to see me, they couldn't alter their badges fast enough. Hey, what's wrong with being a Fangirl?

And while I didn't get much of a chance to make it to the other end of the table, I'm hoping to sit next to Jen at a future event to get some Contextual Superstar Mojo.

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