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Monday, February 05, 2007

Randomness Vol. 2

I promise, sexy search guys appearing shortly. But first a few random musings.

Slippery Balls and Underperformance

The Superbowl on satellite is not anywhere as exciting as the network broadcast. While the bacon cheeseburger and fries made me feel at home in Paris, the commercial quality reminded me I wasn't. It's bad enough that da Bears lost (I still love you all, nobody else has a song and dance to celebrate the Superbowl and that counts for something), but add to that crappy UK commercials (I saw the US ones via AOL, and while they weren't exciting they were a LOT better than what was running on Sky) and super random commentary to replace the commercials.

How random is super random? Super random is Don Johnson doing commentary. Somehow Don Johnson being on Miami Vice makes him an expert on all things Miami, and even though he has no real sports experience, that's close enough since the game is in Miami. Was J-Lo busy? She knows a lot about Miami, and she could've offered commentary on the wardrobe choices. Probably would've required less time with hair and makeup too.

What was really fun was seeing the Japanese Action version of the Superbowl. The sound loop was either a few seconds ahead or behind (not even any consistency!) so no ones mouths matched their words.

Apparently the fan coverage was on a 1 year delay, since there were interviews with Cheeseheads and Steelers fans. Apparently the only requirement for giving expert commentary was the ability to name one (any one) NFL team. For all the sports geeks who have a fantasy football team, send me the name. Next year I'll go to London and convince them that your team made the playoffs and give some expert feedback.

Pork and Boobs

Apparently the National Pork Board has come to realize that this isn't as popular a combination as they first thought.

After flexing the power of the blogosphere, the NPB realized that it's harshly worded cease and desist letter was probably a bit over the top and is working with Jennifer Laycock to resolve the problem. I kind of wonder what the resolution is going to be. Are they going to take classes on parody? View pictures of pork and breasts so there's no future confusion?

Anyhow, I'm glad that bloggers have demonstrated the influence of common sense on the web (Team Nerd!)

Not that I'm completely against the pork people. I think it's time someone took a stand against all those perverted babies who won't stop grabbing their moms' chests. Who do they think they are, babies or something?


Sunday, February 04, 2007

And for February

Sexy SEO Boys of the Month will be posted tomorrow. Was that a typo? Not at all. Multiple sexy SEOs heading your way again.

And what about all of the great suggestions for the Sexy SEO Boy of the Month? The ladies are so good that I just can't decide. So you all (all 2 of you who read regularly) are going to help me decide. March's Sexy SEO candidates have been decided by an elite few fellow fangirls. The winner will be determined by a top semi-secret poll. Think of it as Fangirl's attempt to go 2.0

For now, I'm headed off to enjoy some grease and cheer for the Sexy Superbowl Team of the Month - da Bears!

Super Bowl Shuffle - video powered by Metacafe

Goooooooooo Chicago!

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Sexy SEO of the Year

Am I that far into the future? Nope, but I didn't have a chance to dedicate January to my Sexy SEO Man of the Year

Mr. Danny Sullivan. I really don't need any reasons, but I have 5 which will be coming later this evening. For the rest of 2007, I'll be featuring a different DSul photo and fun fact.

Hot Headshots

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

10e20's Chris Winfield Captures The SEO Ladies Attention

I happened to be strolling around the lovely garden of search engine marketing websites written by women, and what should I find? A lovely man called forth to the SEOFanGirl blog universe by Kim Krause Berg and Liana Evans for acceptance as a possible SEO Man of the Month candidate.

They say he is much handsomer in person. Exactly how, dear ladies, do you know this, I ask, with jealous envy? I would like to test this out personally of course. Does he like older women?

Ah, but I see he is engaged. Pourquoi? No matter. We shall still adore him, in the quiet confines of our own silly minds and bleeding hearts. And who is this man of muscle, mystery and marketing magic?

Chris Winfield, of

Tamar started the ball rolling with her
Women of Internet Marketing Wednesday Part 8
interview, when she admitted, "He looks better than his avatar picture!". One has to be most careful in SEO circles, with what they say.

It doesn't take much to get us going.

Anyone up for Kissbait? Hugbait? Hunkwithnoshirtbait?

Sigh. That is just one lucky dog.

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