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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fangirl Random Links

Between research, reports and posting, I usually come across something that reminds me of why I'll never be 100% productive if I'm connected to the internet.

Just in case you need some distraction, I thought I'd share:
I guess this is where that saying came from: once you go Mac you never go back.
Rebecca posts some master linkbait (couldn't resist) at the moz
Not related to SEO, but this has become my biggest online distraction. Who's doing what in Hollywood? Are you sure it's who you think it is? Should you even be thinking about this stuff? Lots of questions, and sometimes that's pretty addictive


Who Moved My Cheese? The SEO version

So in between Dinner #1 (Chinese) and Dinner #2 (Pizza), something interesting happened. No, no one got any devastating news (what usually happens when you gorge yourself on both of those in less than a 6 hour window).

On the train, one previously mentioned Man of Search, found a lonely piece of cheese on the train. The Cheese was minding it's own individually wrapped business, perhaps going to meet a slice of ham, or hoping to happen upon a piece of bread, when it found itself attached to the bottom of a sexy SEO.

I like that kind of bold move, so I invited the Cheese to Dinner 2, where it cozied up to a few more search sexpots.

Now here's where you get involved. I'm pleased to announce the first ever Fangirl contest!

The first person to correctly identify all 4 cheezy bottoms will win...

A LARGE CHEESE PIZZA (you were expecting something else?)! After Neil and Aaron's experiences I'm applying for a scholarship to Shoemoney U. If I get in the next contest prize will come with breadsticks and a 2-liter.

So this one may be easy to guess

And this guy made it into a previous picture

But this one did not

And you'll have to use some super sleuthing to find out which stylish searcher is walking away with the cheese here.

The contest is open until someone correctly names all 4 cheese movers.

I know I'm not the only one studying the pant selection (that's my story, I'm sticking to it) and fashion choices of search studs. Go back to Flickr, browse through old photos, and put your photo search skills on display.

Good luck!


The Wrapup

I feel like I've been living in meetings, and I've been requesting that invitations for social events come over in CSV files or PowerPoint format, so I'm happy to finally get to the last pictures from the last SES, which along with a few blogs, have kept things interesting for me.

Onto the final fun

On the same day as the lunch with all the Ladies I Love, I also organized a pizza party for the Studs of SEO, because they give me a warm fuzzy feeling, and I thought a good slice of Chicago style pizza would give them a warm greasy feeling (close enough).

Between lunch and pizza, I took some time to admire listen to Danny's keynote. I was okay until someone only two rows in front of me asked a question. If you'll notice from the 100% unretouched photo below, there's a search engine halo that surrounds Danny, and little beams of search sexiness that bounce off of him when he sheds light on some important conundrum (yes! I found a reason to say conundrum). I later introduced myself to Danny, who was nice enough to pretend like he likes the collages I do for him. I'm hoping to be called in as the official headshot designer for Search Engine Expo.

So after Danny got me to leave him alone by promising he'd try to make pizza, I ran into Rand and Rebecca in the lobby where they invited me to have some Chinese with Li Evans, Rob Kerry, David and Irma Wallace, Ken Jurina, David Temple, Ward Tongen (the real Fangirl) and other hot SEOs. Chinese, and pizza and two dinner gatherings full of search studs? I just couldn't turn it down.I thought Rebecca was with me when I was gushing about the black hat guys, but apparently her mind was on other things.

While Dinner #1 wrapped up on time, there were more SEOs than cab drivers that night, so the group ended up experiencing the joys of the Chicago Transit Authority. Lots of train stops, heat lamps that just manage to prevent your frostbite from going to hypothermia, cheese...

So, about half an hour after the start time, we finally made it to Pizzeria Due, which serves up delicious (had to stop myself from making that 2.0) Chicago style pizza from Pizzeria Uno (the original's in Chicago, if you have a franchise in your city). My heart started to warm not only at the thought of what Chinese and Chicago style pizza would do to it, but at the site of all the internet superstars in attendance.

There was Todd and search hottie to watch, Everett Sizemore. Todd's mind was definitely in other places (pick your favorite distraction), but Everett was happy to see me. I asked him to show me the search guns, but outside of the photos he sends his friends it seems he's a bit shy.

From left, Phil Maher, Rand the Man , Curtis Dueck, Ken "Some Guy" (I am somebody!) Jurina, Keith Levenson and Tony Wright

and at the other end of the table, Planet Andrea, David and Irma Wallace, Jen Sense, Mystery Man and Shoemoney. Even though Planet Andrea, Jen and Shoemoney aren't technically SEO stars, they appeal to my love of internet marketing stars in general. While she doesn't have the merchandising appeal or the cartoon rep, Jen does have a love for Disney and the name Jenstar appeals to my fondness of stars and hearts. (Email me Jen, I think I have an idea for the merchandising!)

And look, Shoemoney even got Cameron's mind away from Todd.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lots of Ladies I Love

Finally! All the modifications, client reporting and other stuff that I was hoping to have done Thursday evening/Friday morning is finally done. If I hadn't already added the hearts and stars to pictures, I'd seriously list everyone who manages to blog every day and still work on multiple projects as Sexy SEOs of the Year. But, that title is taken, so on to the goodies.

To get everyone excited about SES London (no word yet from Chris on if my How to Rate Search Sexiness panel is going to happen, but I'm pushing for it!), let's have a look back on my first (annual?) SEO Ladies Who Lunch.

I'm used to working in time zones from Paris (Fun Fangirl Fact: I now sleep 2-3 hours at random times of the day, rather than one long stretch, ensuring that I'm awake during some business hours in Europe, the East Coast and West Coast), but trying to do it from Chicago was not as easy as I thought it would be. After answering emails from Europe, I made my way into Rhapsody where

on either side of the table, as far as the eye could see (okay, maybe the table wasn't that long), there were lots of Ladies I Love!

who actually looked fairly happy to meet me. Since Rebecca didn't go the Madonna route, Marie from Bruce Clay UK brought the cool accent (I'm working on my French accent). Janet was working the Search Mojo, CShel disappointingly did not bring anything related to the sea (though she did bring guests, who didn't make cool sounds when held up to your ear, but were knowledgable and fun) and Dr. Amanda came to offer advice to troubled bloggers and podcasters who aren't having the best relationships with search engines.

Either that, or Jill, who I love for always looking happy about search, spread her ranking good cheer. Just to flatter myself, I'm going to say it was a combination of the two.

Elena Haliczer, who does SEO for an Illinois University (quick, hit her up for a link!) is an up and coming Lady I Love. Not only was she rocking out with me the night before at the Blues extravaganza, but she was also up early enough to get in sharp questions at sessions, and get the spot next to Elisabeth Osmeloski.

Just when I thought everyone was happy to see me, they couldn't alter their badges fast enough. Hey, what's wrong with being a Fangirl?

And while I didn't get much of a chance to make it to the other end of the table, I'm hoping to sit next to Jen at a future event to get some Contextual Superstar Mojo.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm Bringing SearchSexy Back

Bonne Annee, Happy New Year to everyone!

2007 is already bringing in lots of meetings in the first week, but wrap up of all the events at SES Chicago - including Who Moved My Cheese? - and the announcement of the first Sexy SEO Boy of the New Year will happen on January 5th.

And... a little surprise.