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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September's Sexy SEO Boy of the Month is...

Mikkel deMib Svendsen

With an alias like "SEO Popstar" how could I resist? A hot stage name, of course, isn't enough to make sexy SEO boy of the month. For that honor, there has to be a certain je ne sais quoi. With no further hesitation, I'll now detail exactly why Mikkel is the Sexy SEO Boy of September.

1. He's descended from pop stars, or at least people who look like them.

Okay, so I'm not sure that he's actually related, but in looking at a picture of Mikkel, I noticed a resmblance to Joey McIntyre, formerly of pop group New Kids on the Block. Apparently there were some attempts at Broadway, and a solo album, but no one seems to know what Joey's up to now. Hmmm, could he have decided to embark on a career doing something really sexy? Something like SEO? There's no documented evidence of Joey relocating to Denmark and assuming a new identity, but I think there are too many similarities to ignore.

Then there's the wardrobe. Mikkel always catches the ladies' eyes with his rockstar suits and shades. So much in fact that this guy, who pays homage to a different pop star, has borrowed the look to make himself more successful. Smart move. I think he pulls it off, but we all know who started the orange suit trend.

So in fashion, as in search marketing, while others imitate Mikkel innovates.

2. He plays hard to get

Despite his pop star status, Mikkel seems to have escaped much of the flickrazzi. He jet sets with the best of them, and works the engines in at least two languages that I know of, yet he has a relatively low profile when it comes to fan photo postings. I had to sniff around Danish sites, and dig into the archives of others to find enough images to start a decent scrapbook, but that only made me love Mikkel more.

What type of fangirl would I be if I couldn't refine my searches beyond 2 or 3 words? If I expected to find any gems to lust over, I'd have to show what I'm made of. While I do like flattery and being pursued (see Sexy SEO Boy of the Month Runner Up), there's something to be said for having to put in a little work to get my guy.

3. He's not afraid of a challenge

Ugly HTML site with no content? Well that's easy to fix. Dynamic beast of a site operating off of a database with no regard for spiders? While most optimizers worth their salt wouldn't back down from this challenge, Mikkel specializes in it. There weren't any knock down drag out fights for the title of Sexy SEO Boy of the Month or anything, but if there were I imagine MDS would have been a pretty tough opponent.

And sometimes that's important. What if someone tried to dirty my name in the SERPs? Knowing that a guy can defend my honor and not be intimidated by any flashy, dynamic challenges thrown at him is important

Congratulations to Mikkel, the official Sexy SEO Boy of September, who due to my moving will serve out his term in November.

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Friday, September 15, 2006


Hi everyone,
Sorry to keep you waiting sooo long for the Sexy SEO Boy of September, but unfortunately you'll have to wait just a little longer.

As mentioned in a previous posting, SEO Fangirl has relocated. I'm now in the City of (Cigarette) Lights - beautiful Paris, France. I was considering Paris, TX to be closer to Matthew, but the pastries en France won out.

I created a lovely, lengthy detailed posting about September's SEO Boy of the Month. Under the influence of almost no sleep, and lots of Red Bull, I now realized that I didn't publish it. I'm guilty of Blogging While Sleep Deprived, and I have to apologize.

I'm in the process of hunting down a correct modem for internet access at home, but for now it's all internet cafes, borrowed computers and limited access to my files. As soon as I have the pictures to pay proper homage to my Man du Mois, I'll share.

Time for me to catch up on all of the sexy SEO news I missed while crossing the Atlantic, but drool-worthy montages are on the way!

Bisou Bisou,