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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 Days and Counting!

It's almost here. That magical time of the year when winter weather, Chicago and hot searchers all come together.

I checked out some of the French fils de referencement (boys of search) at SES Paris the other day, and while it was great to have a chance to talk rankings and link strategies over champagne and cheese, I have to say I think Chicago is going to be even better.

Quite a few ladies of search are going to get together for lunch, and help me decide on important matters - like who will be 2007's first Sexy SEO Boy of the Month. There are a couple of ladies whose email addresses couldn't be turned up after clever searching (Risa, Lisa I've been getting all kinds of lottery winnings and deals from Nigerian heirs - you don't know what you're missing out on by hiding your email! If you can join me for lunch on Wednesday, it would be great to have you both there), but hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

And search studs? Your invites are on the way. The day is Wednesday (I want to get all my admiration and 8x10 glossies signed on the same day), the time is 8:00pm and the place will only be anounced to sexy search guys. If you don't receive an invite and think you're a hot search guy I've overlooked, email me your steamiest SEO secret and I'll add you to the list.

Coming up tomorrow: December's Sexy SEO Boy of the Month will be announced. Who will it be? You may think you know, but you have no idea.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So Disappointed

Thank goodness my recognition from Google came. Earlier I was seriously depressed. While reading Lisa's great Thanksgiving guide (uncomfortable family holiday dinners? Move across an ocean - trust me, it works) I happened upon a link to Danny's PubCon recap, that led me to this:
Why Danny, why? Why was I not invited? There's barely enough room for me to even digitally insert myself in this picture. Yeah, I'd get a little more comfortable with search engines (or their reps) if I could, but I'd have the decency not to leave out my die hard admirers. Sure, maybe you found an easy way to get your sites out of the sandbox, and into the trust bed, but a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t please Mr. Sullivan.

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I Like it On Top

That's right, I'm finally at the top of the search results on Google for SEO Fangirl and Men of SEO. Yahoo! and MSN also put me on top, though they also serve up some interesting results. Bonus: on Yahoo! Shopzilla is offering bargain prices on the Men of St. Louis. While the men of St. Louis are probably fun, I'll hang onto my money until I can buy a bargain man of SEO. On MSN, offers tons of options for men to buy. I just might have to check that out.

Now, although there are lots of fangirls, they're staying in the shadows and not giving me much competition. The Men of SEO? They're so sexy that Google's reporting over a million and a half pages trying to shine the spotlight on all the studs of search. Not that I don't understand, but I want to be recognized as the authority on hot search guys, and Google was holding out on me.

But not anymore. My emails to the 3 Googes (way hotter and much more coordinated than Stooges) - Larry, Matt and Sergey- must have paid off. I'd write to them all the time, asking "why won't you acknowledge me? I might be young, but that doesn't make me less valuable." And they finally caved. Yeah!

I've got to do some keyword research (sadly, not involving any search guys), but there are a few more posts to come - I'm so inspired! Just need to make a quick stop at to check out their inventory of men.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sweet Home Chicago

Aah, Chicago in December. Not for the faint of heart. It's time to break out the coats and gloves and get down to some serious character building, butt biting search techniques! Your favorite Fangirl is a native Chicagoan and I can't wait to see my favorite search studs, and ladies I love in one of the best cities in the world. Check out the picture above - they're rolling out the red carpet.

After losing a few pounds on a diet of chicken cordon bleu and French frozen food (Fangirl is a microwave gourmet), it's time for a return to the best pizza, steaks and artery clogging grease the Midwest has to offer. Aah, sweet home Chicago.

Since everyone has been wondering what I look like without my pixels done, I figured I'd take the opportunity to meet the 3 people all my admirers who've been dying to know.

If you're a search lady I love (or search lady I should love), let's do lunch! If you'd be interested in being a search lady who lunches, email me. Hopefully it will be a fun chance to hear some of Fangirl's vacation stories (haha, just kidding, but don't get out of line or the vacation stories come out!) and chat with some of the cool lady optimizers working the Top 10.

When: December 6th at 12:30pm

Search stud? If you've appeared on Men of SEO, you're hot and you know it. If you'll be in Chicago, join me (and select ladies I love) for authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza. Dessert will be included, bypass surgery for after effects of the pizza will not. Start the festivities by attending Danny's evening chat, finish them out with a tighter belt.

When: December 6th at 8:30 pm

If you'd like to join me for lunch (ladies only) or pizza (search hunks and ladies), email me at seofangirl&at&yahoo (.com, the Frenchies haven't gotten me over to .fr just yet).

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Vote or Die!

Okay, even when that was coming from Diddy I wasn't crazy about it. Hmm, how about vote or catch a cold...nah, not quite as effective. I've got it! Vote and I'll buy you a drink. Much better.

If you plan to attend SES Chicago, please take my brief poll at the top of the page and let me know when you plan to leave.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fangirl Loves the Ladies

Even though this is the Men of SEO blog, I've gotten lots of comments asking why there are never any ladies featured on here. Well, for one it's the Men of SEO. Two, I want them all for myself. I'm happy to report on sexy SEOs, but I have to guard my collection of framed Flickr printouts and lifesized Matty C. cutout.

But I'm feeling generous, and just a little guilty. I've been away working on stuff that didn't give me much opportunity to enjoy the shear studliness of search guys. Professional design, gradients for that shiny 2.0 look, website architecture guides, writing articles, planning link campaigns - all that stuff I have to pretend to like in order to drool over the search hotties at conferences. And unlike Jim, I didn't even leave any fun links in my absence. So, I'll give you a few ladies I love (not in that way, not that there's anything wrong with that). They're listed in no particular order, and this may not be a regualr thing, but here goes...

Jill Whalen
Why is Jill a lady I love? She always looks happy about search. It's easy to get fired up about content vs. links or the viability of Web 2.0, the latest algorithm change, etc. I'm not sure which part of search marketing makes Jill smile (for me, it's the search studs, I'm just in SEO for the hunks. I'm sure Jill is less superficial), but it's contagious. So for spreading SEO help and smiles, Jill is an SEO lady I love.

Lisa Barone
I Googled and flickrd my fingers to the bone, and couldn't come up with a positively identifiable photo for Lisa, so my professional rendering will have to do. Lisa is responsible for the cool weekly recaps over at Bruce Clay, but that's not why I love her. She shares my love of sexy search boys and that's important. It's easy to get lost in the information about how to find links or create good content, but it takes a special girl to not overlook the smoldering fire that only a search nerd (and I mean that in the most flattering way) can deliver. Plus, if we bump into each other at an SES I think it would be fun to make popcorn and talk about who we were really looking at during the presentations.

I will say that I had a little bit of hesitation. I'm considering Lisa a lady I love on blind faith. Since I wasn't able to find anything, I started to think. No one has seen Lisa and Bruce C. together in a room at the same time. Is it possible that Lisa is really

Bruce Clay? Only because Bruce's stache looks like it would be pretty hard to hide, I moved onto another theory. Lisa may just be..... Mystery Guest!

Lisa and Rand recently traded a few kind words. Rand let it be known that she had the search goods, she said she was happy at Bruce Clay, but THEN there comes a post just a few hours ago where Rand mentions going to California. Bruce Clay's headquarters are in California, hmmm. Mystery Guest then puts in a challenge to fight for my Sexy SEO Boys (I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I'm not giving up on my goal of a Google themed nursery!).

So now that I'm mostly sure she's a lady, and that she may be a lady spending time with one of my favorite search studs (hi Rand ;-) ), I've decided Lisa B. is a lady I love.

Rebecca Kelley
Time to come clean. I like the SEOmoz blog a lot (I know, some of you are going "really? Could've fooled me!). Mostly because of Rand, and sometimes because of Gman (what can I say, I've got a weakness for bad boys), but Rebecca's a big part of it too. Even though there aren't nearly enough pictures of SEO guys, I always look forward to Rebecca's posts. Hiring a new person isn't my idea of exciting, but somehow Rebecca made it pretty darn funny. She also shares my skepticism of certain European foods (above picture), and a hometown that borders Lake Michigan (Detroit for her, Chicago for me).

But that's not why I love her. She's gone international to work with Sexy SEO Boy Ammon Johns, she's best friends with my homeboy Matt (still waiting on the picture, but trust me we're likethis), and she's probably had a spot of tea with Danny Sullivan. If for nothing else but the potential pictures she could take for me (psst... hey Rebecca, would you get a few of Ammon toiling away over a keyboard?) Rebecca is a lady I love.