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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Breaking News!

Well, if you've been reading any of the blogs it's not really breaking, but...

Danny Sullivan announced that he'll be leaving Search Engine Watch and the Search Engine Strategies conferences this year! Apparently Danny was fully behind my idea for a bedazzled awards ceremony with chicken dinner and free drinks, but Incisive Media wouldn't get on board. Danny was like "it's chicken dinners and an open bar for everyone" and Incisive goes "we can only promise you hors d'oeurves and a cash bar." Danny told them "I get the awards ceremony SES deserves or I'm out!" Incisive took too long and Danny let them know he wasn't going to take less than he deserves. If you want the full story straight from Danny, it's here. He forgot the part about the awards ceremony, but everything else is there.

I'm sure that whatever Danny decides to do, he'll have the full support of his loyal fans. I just hope for my sake, that Danny decides to continue with the conferences. (LCD) Fireside SEO chats, leopard trim hats, lederhosen and helpful advice? You can't get that from just anyone. Sure, there are a lot of other hot search studmuffins that attend, but a search conference just isn't a conference without DS.

This also leads to what I see as a disturbing future. Being Danny's last announced public appearance, I predict SES Chicago will be a blowout in terms of attendance. Sure, that may be good for Incisive, but what about the fans? Every silent Danny admirer will come out and rush him for pictures and autographs. This will significantly lessen my chances of getting solo Danny pics for future scrapbooks! Plus, it may be too crowded to properly admire from afar. This will require creativity, but I'm up to the challenge.

Danny I'm sure, will not be too challenged to find other business partners or other things to fill his time. I'd still like to wish him all the best.

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Blogger Thomas said...

WOW, a cover story and everything. That's a great mockup!

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Hope I can write articles like this in the near future. Regards, Col :)

12:25 AM  
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