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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Runner Up

In the event that either of my Sexy Boys of the Month cannot fulfill their duties as Sexy SEO Boy of the month...wait, I have to assign some duties. I'll get to that later. Anyhow, if for some reason Mikkel or Ammon are disqualified from serving out their terms as sexy Boys of the month (September/November, October respectively) Matthew Foster of ArteWorks will take the coveted lipstick print.

In a campaign that would make a Texas politician proud, Matthew established a platform and rallied his supporters. Alas, even after stalking out MySpace, I couldn't find enough pictures to properly scrapbook an example of why Matthew's so hot. In his favor, the poetry and offers of free drinks (is that offer still good?) did convince me that Matthew's SEO sexiness is worth keeping a close eye on.

He's also generous, and will be matching donations to his friend, Kim McSpadden's (warning: MySpace page with music - it's pretty good though) efforts to walk for a cure for ALS. Kim's cool for lots of reasons, but anyone who can type impressive campaign emails with one hand gets my suppport. If you know someone diagnosed with ALS and want to chat with others about ongoing research, fundraisers and more check out this community. Click here to throw your support behind Kim



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