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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Words of Wisdom

For future Sexy SEO Boys, Rand offered the words of wisdom above and has threatened to keep a lower profile (no way!).

To my current men of the month: while the added exposure may add to my competition, I can't keep all of my musings on your hotness to myself. More visitors, increased sales, targeted traffic - sure, I may have gotten into this thing called SEO for boring reasons, but now I'm focused on the pure marketing muscle that lurks beneath.



Anonymous Yuri said...

Yup, yup.

When I optimize websites in my uhm homewear, I got used to getting such looks as 'is he working?', 'that can't possible be work' and, of course, 'he's just playing with the computer'.

Funny how peoples' attitude reflects their sometimes limited understanding of things and knowledge.

5:06 PM  
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Anonymous SEOMofo said...

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