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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A day late, but I've got a dollar

I promised to post a juicy post about an up and coming Sexy SEO yesterday, but I got distracted with setting up a test server on my laptop, packing and other exciting moving activities.

Everyone's in agreement that you can catch some of the hottest eye candy in search on this blog, but some people have asked "what about the guys who aren't quite superstars yet?" Today, I'm proud to introduce you to one such stud. While he doesn't have a heavily referenced blog, or instant name recognition, I'm keeping my eyes on this cutie for a few reasons.

1. He may be a medium fish in the big pond of SEO, but he's quickly becoming the big fish in his niche. After he conquers that, my mind can only imagine what's next.

2. I like pink. In searching for all things pink, I happened upon photos of smokin' hot Carey Hart, husband of the singer Pink. He's got some skin to cover, but I notice a resemblance to Carey. That makes him sizzlin by association.

3. He recently hit 200lbs of pure SEO muscle. Hurt me!

Without further delay, I introduce Everett Sizemore,

of First Page Fitness as an up and coming SEO to watch. As "your website's personal trainer" I'd say Everett has the chops to pump ::clap:: your rank up. Sources have informed me that Everett will follow the caravan of search enthusiasts to Chicago for Danny Sullivan's last SES. I'll be devoting a significant amount of time to building a proper shrine outside Danny's door, but when I'm not I think I've got a new objet d'amour. *swoon*

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Anonymous Everett said...

I am going to kill Hawaii Dave. He's the only person in the SEO industry who would have given you that photo.

Just wait until I find that old picture of him with dread locks from 1995 !

But I am flattered, and if looking like a posing idiot means getting a link and a wink from the SEO Fangirl, I guess I can live with that.

7:59 AM  
Blogger SEO Fangirl said...

I would never give up my sources, but I heart Hawaii Dave and would love o do a montage.

By the way, is that beard I see coming in on the second photo? You're just a little facial hair away from making it big time!

Kiss kiss,

10:29 AM  
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